Common Questions

What are some of the things I can do to help bring my mortgage current?
I am worried about foreclosure. Where can I turn for advice? What will it cost?
Although I'm not currently behind on my mortgage payments, I may soon be unable to keep up. What should I do?
If I'm delinquent with my mortgage payments, what options do I have?
I receive letters from people claiming they can help save my home. Is this a scam?
Is my mortgage "lender" the same as my "servicer"?
Is bankruptcy an alternative to foreclosure?
If a foreclosure proceeding is initiated, what happens if I have equity or if it sells for more than what I owe?
How does foreclosure affect my credit?
How does foreclosure affect my ability to acquire a home in the future?
My house has been foreclosed. Is there anything I can do to get it back?
If my foreclosed home sells for less than what I owe, will CitiMortgage come after me for the balance?
How long do I have before I have to vacate my foreclosed home?
Is it best to walk away from my property if I can no longer make the payments?
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