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How to Avoid Scams

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Even with the help of a professional representatives, you may encounter challenges and obstacles along the path to avoiding foreclosure.

One of those challenges will be scam artists who may try to take advantage of you and your circumstances.

Beware of people or companies who:

  1. Call themselves "foreclosure services"
  2. Contact you because they learned your home is listed for foreclosure.
  3. Require a fee before providing any service to you
  4. Require a mortgage payment directly to them
  5. Ask you to transfer your property deed or title to them


Keep personal information safe from "strangers" on the phone, online or door-to-door. Don't give your social security number, account number or other personal information to them. If in doubt, wait to talk with a trusted professional to help determine if an offer is legitimate. Be proactive! Ask questions.

Be a little skeptical — if it seems "too good to be true," it probably is too good to be true.

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